So… what’s your pricing for wedding photography

We have “Full coverage” wedding packages starting at $2800. Full coverage means you get everything brides have come to expect or desire for most weddings… but you have to call us or e-mail us about it as too many photographers were copying our price list.

Is that as inexpensive as you can offer?

We’ll not really… remember that you can change any package and make it your own. Also, we don’t like to turn away work especially if you absolutely want us so…. we’re able to do something for many people that need less that the “full treatment”.  If you’re on tight budget still give us a call and as we would love to work with you.

How many Images will we get?

It varies with each wedding but… alot. Rest assured that we will continue to take photos through the entire duration of our stay with you and yours. Most weddings endup with anywhere from 500-1000 images depending of course on things like how long you have us. We never limit the amount of images you get to a specific number… meaning after editing, whatever is left is made available to you.

What’s your turn-around time for our proofs?

About 3 weeks but can be more if were swamped during the busy seasons.

Do you offer digital files?

All of our “Full coverage” packages include them (and a license to use them for personal use) and they are delivered along with your wedding album.

Do you do any studio work?

No. Location shooting only.

Do you have back-up equipment in case of problems?

Certainly. In some cases we even have backups of the backups. After all that’s one of the benefits of using a professional as we have multiple flash units, cameras, memory, etc… In case of a rare problem your covered.

Do you have back-up photographers in case of problems?

Yes. In the hopefully never going to happen event of an emergency or issue, we have numerous professional photographers that we work with from time to time to help each other out. Should something arrise, we would certainly try to make arrangements to get you covered. We are members of several professional photography organizations to include the Professional Photographers Association of America and The Guild of Professional Photographers of the Dealware Valley.

Professional Photographers Association of America    The Guild of Professional Photographers of the Delaware Valley

Do you have a particular style?

Yes, it is photojournalistic (documentary).

What is Photojournalistic?

When shopping for a photographer you will likely here many different ideas of what this means but basically, a “photojournalistic” photographer will take photos similar to the way a magazine photographer will cover a special event by capturing special or important moments as they occur. This differs slightly with a traditional photographer who will generally take more posed shots. Yes, we do take family formals and promise to make them as efficient and painless as possible. Please be sure to read our Hiring guide for more info on this and what to look for in a photographer.

How do you print your images?

All of my work is sent out to top labs in the country which deal only with professional photographers. Their work is superb and their turnaround time is fast. Through them I offer prints from wallets to 40″x60″. and many other products which can be viewed at our office.

Can I get any black and white images as well as color?

Yes, all photos can easily be printed B&W.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. Visa, Mastercard or Discover but we prefer checks.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. We currently carry gift cards in the amount of $250 which are physicaly like a regular gift card and come in a printed presentation folder. In order to comply with the realtively new Federal and NJ state laws regarding gift cards, all cards will be associated with credits given to a specific person with their current address and other contact information. meaning they must be used for that person.

How do I order products?

We prefer you come in for a presentation of your images where we show you images exactly to size and scale and show you exactly what we offer. Also, products may be ordered online through our website, you may E-mail us, mail us, or call us and we will be happy to take your order. You will notice all of the photos are identified by a number. Simply let me know how many of which ones you wish and at what sizes. Remeber we offer much more than mere prints… gallery wraps, floar wraps, albums, folios, etc…

Do you have insurance?

Yep, and frankly all “pros” should.

I would like to hire you. what’s the next step?

Simply contact us and we’ll get you set up! Generally, we first discuss what you would like. We will generate a contract for your review. You will sign it and send in your deposit of at least $500. When that happens, your date and time are reserved.

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