So, you’ve not yet had a beach portrait session with us and you don’t know what to expect. No worries, well take some time to tell you a little here.

Of all the photography I do, I feel that beach portrait sessions are the most fulfilling and have the most potential for greatness. Certainly wind, rain, insects and other annoyances have cancelled some from time to time but when these things are absent, its wonderful.

Session experiences will vary depending on if its just 2 of you for an engagement shoot or if its your whole family with 8 small children, but here’s the typical.

Sand, waves, dune grass, children exploring, shells and other things make for a wonderful atmosphere. With this in mind, I expect my clients to calm themselves, enjoy the surroundings, let the kids release some energy (if you brought some) and get into the zone just as I will be doing.

Beach sessions always start 1 hour before sunset and will go until you or I say were done. It’s my goal not only to take wonderful photos for you but also for me. I enjoy my work and always look to add photos to my portfolio. With this in mind Its best to stay and shoot away.

If there are many of you we will typically get any group shots finished especially if there are many children as they only last sitting still for a short while. Maybe then any smaller groups if desired. After that its see what we can get. Observe the kids, let mom and dad make a sand castle with them, bury one of them if you can catch them… relate… smile… feel. Only then will we get memorable images. If you look at the Beach portrait gallery I am sure you will feel these images reflect all this.

There are several places I typically shoot but if you have a preference and its a good locations, we’ll do it there. Typically I choose 59th street in Ocean City which is a great spot as long as it is not crowded.

The conditions as any beach location can change drastically. High tide to low tide, dunes washed away or built up, beach cluttered with debris or clear, crowded or not crowded, the list goes on. With this in mind I often take the time to get inspired, to see what we are going to do next. Sometimes this means I will walk away for a moment or two until I get a eureka moment. Don’t mind me or think its peculiar… its just what I need to do to get images with which I am pleased.

I do hope this will give you a better understanding of what to expect


Avoid glasses if at all possible (go with contacts if you have them).

Avoid using any lotions before a session as you’ll look like a powdered doughnut when the sand sticks to you.

Wear timeless and classic clothing. Certainly you have seen beach portrait sessions with the standards such as jeans, khakis, light colored shirts, etc. If you also like that, great.

Bring a change of clothes just in case as clients from time to time get sandy and wet… its what it takes sometimes to get great photos right?

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